Peter Dobbyn
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Proper Fan



We created a quirky campaign to encourage Gaelic football fans to tune into the Ladies Football Championships exclusively on Irish TV station TG4. 

Instead of simply focusing on the athletes themselves, Publicis Dublin decided to take a different approach and focused on the fans. Why? Because there are some people who claim to be proper Gaelic football fans, yet only seem to watch the men’s championship. That’s not a proper fan. 

In this spot, we see a hard-core football fan sat in amongst a range of electrical fans in an antique store. By slowly rotating his head from left to right, just like the electrical fans around him, he can watch all the Ladies Football on TG4. Now that’s a proper fan. The campaign includes TV, press, radio and digital display.

An average of 303,800 proper fans tuned in to TG4 for the showpiece game in the ladies football calendar, the highest figure since the Irish language station started
broadcasting ladies football finals in 2001.


Copywriter: Peter Dobbyn
Art Director: Ross Giles
Creative Director: Carol Lambert
Director: James Fitzgerald
Producer: Andrew Freedman
Agency Producer: Rachel Murray
Sound: Mark Henry